The Sacred Donut

S1E2: The Purpose of Life

October 04, 2020 Nataline R. Cruz, Theresa M. Sanchez Season 1 Episode 2
The Sacred Donut
S1E2: The Purpose of Life
Show Notes

The 2nd episode of The Sacred Donut is journey into understanding what is the purpose of this life, why are we here and how do we experience life to the fullest. It is an exploration into your programming and how to unlearn so you may thrive! Creator: Nataline R. Cruz; Engineer/Producer: Theresa M. Sanchez

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Creator: Nataline R. Cruz
Producer/Engineer: Tío Theresa M. Sanchez
Social Media Manager: Mariah Cruz-Nanio Menjivar
Graphic Designer: Tanya Tenorio-Rashaad
Music: Luis T. Castro @luisk1912