The Sacred Donut

S5.E3: The Records Are Now Open!

November 09, 2023 Nataline R. Cruz / Briana Fehringer Season 5 Episode 3
The Sacred Donut
S5.E3: The Records Are Now Open!
Show Notes

What if you had a blueprint for your life, a place to go to find the answers to all your questions, especially the ones that could change your life for the better? 

On this episode of The Sacred Donut Podcast, we explore the "AKASHIC RECORDS" -- the library or database of information of everything that has happened in all creation from the first blade of grass  to your last incarnation. 

Joining the podcast crew and our special guest Briana Fehringer ( as we look at how the records can help you find your purpose, change your money mindset & give you a more efficient path to your heart's desires!!

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