The Sacred Donut

S4.E8 - The Divine Expression of Gender

August 06, 2023 Nataline R. Cruz and Michael Season 4 Episode 8
The Sacred Donut
S4.E8 - The Divine Expression of Gender
Show Notes

In this episode of The Sacred Donut, we dive into a hot topic, an often-misunderstood topic, an uncomfortable topic for some -- a healing conversation about gender -- from non-binary and transgender  experiences -- about identity from both a personal and spiritual perspective and what it all means. 

Joining us in this episode is our delightful guest, Michael. Michael takes us on a journey of science, biology and spiritual expression of the Divine through his life long unfolding of self-discovery. 

The intention of The Sacred Donut podcast is to bring healing to Humanity. Our belief is that understanding brings healing. When we hear personal stories from another’s perspective, we can open our hearts and find compassion for our fellow Humans. Identity causes separation, but in understanding who we are we must first look at how we identify ourselves. And then learn to untangle from those identities.

The intention of THIS episode is to first bring understanding. Second, to bring compassion. Third to bring healing. And then… to help you look at yourself in all your expressions. 

Join us and ask yourself -- What are your labels? What are your roles? Do those “identities” trap you? Are you living in your full Divine Expression? Do the roles you play foster or hold you back from your full expression, your full potential? 

Who are you and why are you? Let us see if we can help you find your “spiritual essence” …
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